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Huge economies of scale in food preparation.

Never been a professional cook, but I can attest that cooking for 4 or 5 people is only trivially harder than cooking for one. Your right but you still have to have the food to cook. You can't have children growing up on junk food and then expect them to take on good eating habits overnight and their is also the problem of affordability.

Public transportation in America sucks and to take a SEAT bus to a supermarket to buy food is an all day affair. It takes knowledge and time to microwave a potato or boil a pot of pasta or pot of brown rice? Open a can of black beans and heat them up? I don't buy it. It's not expensive, time consuming or inaccessible.

It is how these people are raised and there level of nutritional education. What "problem of affordability"? How much does a large bag of brown rice and black beans cost? Bag of potato's? Bag of pasta? Those are bulk items that will make many, many meals. Accessibility is BS too. Most people in urban areas are close enough to a supermarket or go by one on the way to work. The problem is uneducated people blowing their money on crappy food like fast food, potato chips, fattening dairy products, soda pop, etc They could eat healthy and spend no more money then they do now, and probably a lot less.

Dietary inequality

It's a matter of education and what their priorities are. There is a ton of easy access to healthy food in the U. The problem is there is a ton of access to garbage food too. Super markets do not build close to inner city poverty areas and if you don't drive you have no way to get to the stores. Do some research and see what kind of food convience stores sell. Processed delly meat is not nutritious. Pasta is very fatening and contributes to obesity. I have lived in a lot of areas around the U. S, including many low income areas.

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I was never more that far from some type of grocery store, bigger than a convenience store. It is likely a small minority that is that far from a grocery store. And the fact is plenty of poor and rich people with cars, that live practically right next to large grocery stores walk past all the healthy food and load their cart with junk.

Walmarts now actually carry a lot of groceries including plenty of fruit, vegetables and bulk grains. But the poor people mostly walk right past it to the potato chips and soda. It is not a matter of access, it's a matter of education. The "access" argument is more "victim mentality" and off putting of the blame for your own eating habits on someone else.

Maybe what bothers you should actually amaze you

Pasta may not be the best, but it is a heck of lot better than potato chips, twinkies, ice cream, soda pop, Big Macs. It's more what you PUT on top the pasta. If you put olive oil, carrots, etc.. If you put on processed canned sauce full of salt and high fructose corn syrup, then it's not as good. Again education, not access is the issue. It takes knowledge and time to cook a meal that is not insipid and disgusting. Microwaving a potato and making a pot of rice is not hard though I suspect many people would have no idea what ratio of water to rice to use , but understandably, few people would like to eat such bland fare.

I didn't understand the statement in the article about fresh tomatoes, since the "fresh" tomatoes you can get in a grocery store are an abomination to anyone who gets them from his own garden. And you can only get a true, garden-fresh tomato at a farmer's market for a few months in the year anyway if at all. Practically, frozen vegetables are usually as good as fresh, and sometimes better, having been harvested when fully mature and then flash frozen.

Ozempic: Sugar Coated Success or the Best of Its Kind?

Harvesting fruits and vegetables when they are not ripe, letting them "ripen" in a warehouse, and then passing them off as "fresh" should be a hanging offense. I think it takes less time and knowledge than people think.

Taking The Red Pill... BACK - Very Important Docs²⁰

Making a pot of rice takes water, rice and a stove. Heating black beans takes the knowledge of opening a can, putting the beans in a pot, and heating them for 3 minutes. It doesn't take a lot of time or knowledge to cut up a carrot or onion. It's really a matter of education and priorities. It doesn't take a lot of time to throw some almonds, walnuts, etc I don't think rice and beans are "bland fare".

You add some garlic, onions, spices, chopped carrots maybe healthy tortilla and you have a delicious healthy cheap meal with no sugar, salt, bad oils, etc A microwave potato one can add chives, garlic, olive oil, onions into the potato and have another fairly healthy super cheap meal. I have grown my own vegetables all my life but I realise most people today don't have the space for a garden. I don't like what super markets call "fresh. One question: Who do we hold accountable for the income inequality mentioned in the headline?

Is it the current Administration 7. Where hordes once flowed toward the malls , now convoys of vans carrying packages will flow from the malls to the malls' former customers Meanwhile, we sit back, mourn the death of malls and can't wait to get our new underwear delivered just that little bit more quickly.

Amazon Begins Moving Warehouses Into Malls It Helped Put Out of Business - Slashdot

The article concludes that Amazon's move "would delight the most Machiavellian of cynics with its sheer beautiful gall. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Recycling Score: 5 , Funny.

Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re: Score: 2. Standard Oil thought that way too. Put a competitor out of business. Re:Recycling Score: 5 , Insightful. If the fulfillment center is heartless, so was the mall. Not only are they recycling the buildings, they're even recycling the heartlessness! There is a lot of things I dislike about Amazon, but "they're bad for malls" isn't one of them.

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Independent stores are sadly lost. And malls suck and are going away. So I agree with you. Rather than have the empty shells sit around, converting them into something that is useful seems like a great idea. So what? Score: 2. Re:So what? Score: 4 , Interesting. Score: 5 , Insightful. Re: Score: 2 , Insightful. Re: Score: 3 , Informative. Re: Score: 3. I'll take that over a pothead teenager who hung around the store for 3 months any day. That's been completely subverted now. Amazon reviews tell you if someone is happy or unhappy.

Fallout 76 review - a bizarre, boring, broken mess

They rarely, if ever, list the pros and cons of this particular purchase decision and the alternatives not made. Furthermore being happy with one purchase does not tell your if you purchase was suboptimal, you have no other experience to judge things by. Score: 5 , Funny. Mufasa: Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

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