Recipes For Living: Fuel For Your Familys Body, Mind and Spirit

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This research suggests that there can be an upward spiral of positive emotion, which basically means that seeing good makes you want to do good. Search form Search. By Tamara Lechner. Avoid eating after 7pm.

Recipes for Living: Fuel for Your Family's Body, Mind and Spirit

For many people, this is the time where cravings kick in. After a full day of eating healthy foods in reasonable amounts, you may want to grab a tub of ice cream and eat the whole thing.

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Instead, try going for a walk, crafting a project, or reading a book. Sometimes boredom disguises itself in cravings. Eat meals the size of your stomach. It expands and contracts during digestion. When ordering a meal or cooking at home, watch your portion size. Create a rainbow of colors for your plate. Fruits and vegetables are colorful. Eating a full rainbow each day helps to get away from the breads and pastas and into the healthier choices provided by nature.

This is especially great for kids who love to track things.

The Food Medic: Dr Hazel Wallace's feel-good food to fuel your week

Make a chart and let them tick off each color they eat. My children love purple potatoes and red carrots. And getting a star for eating a rainbow encourages them to focus on healthy eating. Take a tip from traffic control.

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The red light, green light, yellow light concept is universally understood. Pairing foods with lights can be a useful solution to problem foods.

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My cousin cannot have cookies in the house without eating the entire package so for her they become a red food. Green foods are healthy and easy to access.

Start working these tips into your daily life to fuel your mind: No news is good news. Be aware of the source of your news and the amount and time of consumption. Likewise, having the news on in the background as you cook, clean, or eat normalizes the images and stories that are the extremes. I choose to get my information on the radio and I prefer a channel that balances local events with politics, health, and current world events.

Gratitude is the attitude. The chemicals produced by your brain when things go wrong are stronger than when things go right. This means you have to boost your positivity by thinking of it in a focused way.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Fuel Your Body and Mind | The Chopra Center

Connect to nature. Often our depletion arises from a constant state of doing. This is when a gentle walk outdoors with the sole purpose of listening will provide the recharge we need. The goal here is to have no goals. Let your feet guide your way, and keep your ears open to the wind.

Go on retreat. For those times when your schedule and bank account permit, heading off on retreat is a sure-fire way to recharge your soul. Leave this field empty. Nothing really makes my heart as content and satisfied with myself as volunteering and going into nature. Great post, more people should do more of these. How do you refuel your soul? New Fitness. New Mamas. New Eats. New Zen. Free Email Course. Comments Add a comment Cancel reply.