Providence and the Problem of Evil

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I have a couple questions: 1. It used to be not that Swinburne denied original sin, but specifically that he denied original guilt. He is Eastern Orthodox after all. Has his position changed? Does he given any arguments to support libertarian freedom which seems necessary on his account , or is that assumed throughout? Does he do any biblical exegesis? Historically, this has been Swinburne's greatest flaw. He's usually strong on philosophy, and strong on those issues in systematic theology that overlap his philosophy, but weak on exegesis.

Has he improved in this regard?

Providence & the Problem of Evil by R Swinburne | Koorong

Therefore, unlike God, they are in a position to help people with unforgiven sins. Striving to prevent as much suffering as possible God can only interfere to such a degree that the beneficial effect of the interference is not neutralized by the destructive effect of it. Swinburne notes these three components are logically distinct.

It is possible to accept some of them and not others. In fact, the Eastern Orthodox tradition has an understanding of original sin, which rejects the notion of original guilt. Regarding 1, thank you for pointing out something really important. I come from a Lutheran background so when I say "original sin," embroiled in that concept is the concept of original guilt. Swinburne does not deny "the original sin" but he definitely rejects doctrines of guilt related to that sin.

Thanks for helping me clarify that point. Regarding 2- Swinburne does little to argue that humans do, in fact, have free will. The Influence of Angels and Ancestors. The Mechanism of Providence.

Providence and the Problem of Evil

Life After Death. The Principle of Honesty. The Bad Involved in Responsibility for Others. Knowledge Provided by Animal Suffering. The Value of the Possibility of Sin. PunishmentHere and Hereafter. The Religious Value of Worldly Failure. The Value of Agnosticism. The Advantages of Human Death. The Incarnation and the Atonement. Conclusion to Part III. IV Completing the Theodicy. Dr Mary Midgley. Scripture Alone. James R. Understanding Moral Obligation. Professor Robert Stern. God in the Age of Science?

Herman Philipse. James Baillie. The Bookends of the Christian Life.

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Richard Swinburne

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