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Like Liked by 2 people. I caught one with him in it the other evening.

I Wish I Were A Fish: Don Knotts in THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET (Warner Brothers 1964)

He was dubbed a flake because he claimed a house was haunted, took townspeople on a tour of the house to prove it was true, but of course nothing happened and he looked foolish. Not sure of the name, maybe you know. Nice review. I prefer the cartoon parts myself. I watched Shakiest Gun in the West a month or so ago and really liked it. He was pretty funny there. I saw the Reluctant Astronaut not to long ago, got a big kick out of it. Like Like.

I am so glad you posted this! Man it brings back so many great memories.

Richard Anders

It was so much fun! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Like this: Like Loading My new home will be the cold seawater with pebbles.

I prefer living in a big sea with fresh water where I can swim throughout from one place to the other. I would meet all types of fish like goldfish and make many new friends.

If I Were A Fish (Live At Backyard)

I would see other beautiful sea creatures that I always read about. I imagine meeting other species with two huge white spots on their body others with flat orange tails. I imagine living in clear water, swimming every time I want to, and visiting all places I feel like. I cannot imagine that if I am a fish, my life can be cut short by fishermen.

I have always imagined that if I were a fish, I would be small but cute fish. I imagine that sea life will be easy because all I have to do is swim. I would be happy because all I need to do is swim and look for food which is readily available within my surrounding without worrying much about life.

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Since I do not know how to swim, if I were a fish I would easily swim just like walking in the street. Since fish move against the current using my fins, I can swim with little effort that why I prefer living underwater compared to living on earth. With my stiff bright layer of my outer skin, water will not enter into my body, and I would have a glowing skin if I were a fish. I have always wondered how fish survive in water without their skin being damaged; these are some of the experiences I will encounter if I were a fish. Having a special structure of the backbone and muscles, I can move forward and backward, upward and downward with ease.

I can swim up to the bottom of the sea without drowning because of the air sacs in my body. If I want to rise to the water surface, all I need to do is to fill the sacs with air. These are the many exciting things I would experience if I were a fish.

If I Were a Ball and More by Cookie Leo | The FriesenPress Bookstore

I have always imagined living in a big sea with other creatures; if I was a fish, I could swim delightfully with my friend meet new friends and other fish. I would enjoy the company of other colleagues and older fish and living life blissfully. I can imagine encountering other unfriendly creatures that would scare us and chase us away from their playing ground. I would not like to be a pet fish. Instead, I prefer living in the deep waters of the sea where I can see the beautiful sea world. Writing term papers for money is a good idea when the deadline is coming.

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