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She was a fox in her past life and her pony tail and hair ribbon-ties represent a fox's tail and ears.

Akane is introverted and misunderstood girl: she appears to be cold but is actually very friendly and warms to Midori more than the other angels. She is mature for her age but is very afraid of dogs, even Nana. This is because in her past life she was a fox who died after dogs attacked her and her family and she was shot by a hunter. She is, therefore, afraid of dogs cynophobia , loud noises ligryophobia and bright lights selaphobia. Her color image is purple and her name means red dye. Midori is an Intermediate rank guardian angel who is often seen with Akane working in an udon restaurant, which is a reference to Japanese mythology.

In her past life as a raccoon dog , and her hairstyle represents a raccoon's mask and tail. Midori died of food poisoning and she is now a very picky eater toxicophobia is a fear of poisoning. She and Akane have the ability to shapeshift - a power that tanuki and kitsune have been known to possess in Japanese mythology. Her name means green and that is her color image. Tamami is an Intermediate rank guardian angel. She was a cat in her past life and her hairstyle represents a cat's ears. Tamami has a very cat-like personality: she is very hyperactive and is able to scale walls with ease.

She has a tendency to take naps in warm, sunny places. Her name means beautiful gem and her color image is white. In her past life, Tamami was run over by a car and she now has motorphobia : a fear of cars or automobiles. Tamami is the bride of Gai, the White Tiger Byakko , who is very protective of her but says that she's too young. In the second season, Tamami is promoted to Senior rank due to her achievements in the human world. Momo is a Junior rank guardian angel.

She was a monkey in her past life and her hairstyle represents a monkey's tail. Strangely, her monkey form greatly resembles a tarsier. Her name means peach and her color image is brown. Momo is shy and unable to express what is on her mind. However, she gradually develops courage and self-confidence.

Nana and Lulu note that Momo has a crush on a boy from the neighborhood, named Daisuke, who too had a crush on her. As a monkey, Momo was very curious and adventurous which led to her losing her tail and dying by electrocution. She now has electraphobia : a fear of electricity and technophobia : a fear of technology, electronics or anything powered by electricity. Nana is a Junior rank guardian angel. She was a dog in her past life and her hairstyle represents a dog's ears. Nana has a tomboyish personality and is hyperactive, like a puppy.

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She enjoys walks but tends to get lost. When Nana was a dog, she died in pain and is afraid of feeling pain agliophobia. Her name means grace and her color image is light blue.


Lulu is a Junior rank guardian angel and the youngest of the group. She was a frog in her past life and her hairstyle and hair ornaments represent a frog's skin and eyes. As a frog, Lulu froze to death, so she is afraid of the cold cryophobia and cold objects frigophobia. Her name means pearl and her color image is yellow-green. Midway into the story, Yuki, Tsubasa, Tamami and Ayumi are kidnapped by them to be their respective "brides".

They all wear qipao-like attire colored in their respective colors.

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They make no appearance in the second season, but are mentioned. In , a spin-off series named Saint Beast premiered. There is also a PlayStation game by the same name published by Bandai Games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tenshi no Shippo Chu! Japanese cover of season 2, Tenshi no Shippo Chu! Bandai Entertainment. This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. March January Archived from the original on 26 October Retrieved Hidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Anime and manga articles with missing network parameters Articles to be expanded from March All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from March All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes Articles to be expanded from January Articles with empty sections from January Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Billy Graham and family at a meal, Billy Graham, and daughter, Billy Graham and family, Billy Graham with his son, Franklin, and the family dog in Billy Graham relaxes at home, Their chanting was so loud that they could be heard inside the executive mansion. When the singer and Batman star Eartha Kitt attended a White House luncheon at which Johnson spoke, she stood up and scolded the commander in chief. He knew why they begged for their fathers, sons, brothers, and boyfriends to come home from Vietnam. Young men publicly burned their draft cards.

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Many people were against it because there was no sense that the United States could win. While a March poll had shown that more than half of Americans supported the way Johnson was handling the war, by early that proportion was down to about a third. The antiwar movement became more grounded in political analysis than in the starry-eyed assurance of earlier protesters, Anthony DeCurtis tells LIFE. Muhammad Ali, who had been banned from boxing because he refused the draft, toured campuses, giving hundreds of speeches.

Students there, as well as at Radcliffe and Boston University, took part in a four-day hunger strike against the war.

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And at Columbia, 3, students and 1, faculty members boycotted classes in protest. There were three arson attacks at Southern Illinois University by those opposing the war. Father Daniel Berrigan and eight other members of the Catholic Church entered the Selective Service office in Catonsville, Maryland, and seized hundreds of draft files.

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Outside, they doused the cards with their own homemade napalm. The experience shocked a state and a nation whose citizens have often felt that the fear of a direct attack, especially a nuclear one, is a thing of the past. The days of fallout shelters and duck-and-cover drills have seemed over — though though perhaps less so these days, as the threat of conflict with North Korea looms, than at other times in the recent past. The photographs that resulted, a selection of which are presented in the gallery above, were never actually published by the magazine.

They now offer insight into the psychology of a nation under the shadow of nuclear doom. He knew what it looked like when life in a seemingly ordinary American city was suddenly disrupted on an enormous scale. But if a person survived, he or she would then be left, potentially in a seriously injured state, to confront a city without public services, without police, without doctors.

But they became animals. The thin veneer of civilization was blown off and they were dazed, crazed animals. I saw nice-looking men acting as ghouls, stealing rings from corpses. There was no controlling them.

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Being able to act without having to think it through could save lives in an emergency. Preparation and practice were key.

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By the time the LIFE staffers met Bearden and his family — his wife Martha, four children and dog — they had prepared to face that inevitability for more than three years, ever since the adults had attended a nuclear safety seminar in Their 6-year-old twin daughters were taught to hit the ground at the sound of an explosion — a lesson they had put into action once, when a nearby fireworks factory exploded — and the older children had been given jobs such as drawing water in the bathtub and fastening the window blinds closed.

On the chance those homes were not an option, their teenage son, a scout, had been learning his way around the countryside. And, John Bearden implied to Scot Leavitt, he would not hesitate to use those tools if a real need arose. Except for one magazine reprint, a Red Cross manual and twenty-five cent paperback, all this was obtained from the government printing office.