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Plus, if you treasure hunt first and interview second, you will have artifacts to talk about with your relatives. Asking them to identify people or places in old photos, for example, can be a catalyst for stories and leads. Start by asking questions about your parents, grandparents, and, if possible, great-grandparents and beyond that will reveal foundational knowledge. Basic information to ask about includes full names and names of siblings, birthplaces and birthdates, locations or even addresses of family homes, nationality and ethnic background, occupations, education, military service, and where relatives are buried.

If a relative appears hesitant or outright refuses to share specifics about a certain event or person, move on to another topic. New resources, services, and options are added regularly on popular genealogy sites including FamilySearch. Browse the FamilySearch catalog of genealogical materials including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and publications , and request a free loan to the closest Family History Center typically at a public library where you can view the items in person.

Genographic Project scientists work to determine deep ancestry.

African American Genealogy Research | Lineages Genealogy

Tests can reveal family paternity and maternity secrets kept hidden by your ancestors or immediate family members. For most people, including celebrities, cautions Szucs, the ancestors discovered and the lives they led will be more mundane. I believe that the more each of us understands about where we came from, about what our ancestors experienced, and how those experiences have shaped us, whether we knew about them or not, the more richly we can live our lives. Once designed, the team piloted the curriculum in a two-week camp environment at two different locations in the U.

Assembling the extensive family trees and family narratives alongside Dr. Martin, and the season continues into Spring Season Five includes the following episodes:. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Dyllan McGee and Peter Kunhardt are executive producers. Bill Gardner is the executive in charge for PBS.


Sabin Streeter of Ark Media is the senior producer. Hannah Olson is the series producer. Hazel Gurland-Pooler and Sabin Streeter are directors. More information on WETA and its programs and services is available at www. McGee Media was founded by award-winning filmmaker Dyllan McGee to produce documentary content that is innovative, compelling, and immersive.

Every story is born from a vision of a more fair and equitable world. Whether it is the sweeping history of the African-American experience, or the intimate personal stories of the hundreds of women who made up the feminist movement, McGee Media uses television, film, and digital media in radical new ways to inform and inspire.

Kunhardt Films specializes in documentary programming about the people and ideas that shape American history. Kunhardt Films was founded in as Kunhardt Productions.

It is run by Peter Kunhardt and his sons Teddy and George. Together, Goodman, Dretzin, and Maggio have grown Ark into a leading producer of non-fiction series, theatrical documentaries, and television specials on a wide variety of subjects, along the way nurturing a diverse roster of passionate and talented filmmakers. Foster Peabody Awards, among many other awards and accolades. Lauren Felsenstein, Tel.

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Databases and web sites. African-American collections and databases, including slave records, can also be found at free sites such as AfriGeneas. To volunteer and begin transcribing, check out history. Census records. Census, which was the first population count in which nearly all black Americans, including former slaves, were listed by name. If you are unsure if there is slave ancestry in your family, check the and earlier editions of the Census to see if African-American ancestors appear as free people.

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Slave schedules. Since enslaved people were not identified by name on early Census records, descendants will need to do some sleuthing for clues in the Census in order to locate their ancestors.

DNA unlocks pre-slavery African ancestors - Finding Your Roots on PBS America

After the Civil War, emancipated slaves often remained living in the same general area and usually—although not always—took on the surnames of their former owners. Examine the Census and try to find the identities of white property owners with the same surname living nearby known ancestors. Then examine the separate slave schedules produced along with the and U.